The Psychology of a FUCK BOY

In the past, I’ve had my fair share of heartbreak’s due to dating fuck boys so I guess you can say Im pretty good at spotting them and running the opposite way when they try to enter my life and fuck it up. I’ve been so damaged, that I was left picking up all the broken pieces of my heart when they cheated, emotionally abused me and eventually left me to be with another female. I’m presently much smarter than I was in the past when it comes to dating these types of men. My main objective for this blog post is to educate you on how to spot a fuck boy, give you a glimpse into how they think and run as if your life depended on it, if they try to pursue you or should I say TRAP YOU.
Fuck Boys tend to be very attractive or have a lot of money, and if they don’t have on of those two traits, they probably have some really good DICK that will have you begging for more and calling them daddy. A FUCK BOY, (as stated in the Urban Dictionary) a boy, not a man. Who will mislead you into believing they are “different” than others. They will put in a lot of time and effort trying to convince people they are a good person, when in reality they are nothing but scum. They start off being very sweet and convincing you that you’re “special” but that soon will change when they get what they want. They blame everyone else for their life problems and try convincing people nothing has ever been their fault. They will be very manipulative and convincing but do not fall for it! They will lie to you about everything, they will cheat on you with more than likely multiple girls, they will blame you for it and In the end, only break your heart, disappear and then repeat the cycle on another poor naive girl. Fuckboys are the lowest type of scum that walks this earth.

How you’ll feel when dating a Fuck boy?

When dating a fuck boy you’ll constantly feel confused and insecure when you’re with or not around them. You’ll begin to question your self worth and wonder if your good enough or pretty enough for them and because you feel this way, you will mold yourself into who you think they (fuck boys) want you to be, eventually losing your sense of self in the process. The reason why so many women question themselves when dating a fuck boy is because fuck boys are very inconsistent and you’ll never know where you stand with them. Fuck boys are also emotionally unavailable. Emotionally Unavailable Partners create barriers to intimacy and can make you feel unloved or unwanted. Emotionally unavailable people are sometimes addicts; Whether the addiction is to work, drugs, food, television, exercise, a hobby or in this case ADDICTED TO OTHER WOMEN, it will take up a considerable amount of their time and they will have no energy or time left for you. After dealing with a fuck boy some women tend to become FUCK GIRLS because they’ve been hurt by a fuck boy but let me tell you, NEVER ALLOW A FUCK BOY TURN YOU HARD. Hate can’t cast out hate, only love can do that, so remain pure at heart, love and heal yourself and I promise that you’ll eventually fall in love with someone that will treat you like the Queen you are.

Fuck Boys In Relationships

While in a relationship, Fuck Boys don’t respond well to love, so you giving them all the love in the world won’t help change their behavior, basically you’ll be wasting your time because the only thing a fuck boy responds well to is rejection. Don’t get me wrong fuck boys want love but they just don’t know how to receive it so they rather reject it. Rejection runs deep inside a fuck boys heart, and reason for this is because they have mommy issues, maybe they didn’t have a good relationship with their mom and their mother rejected them in one way or another and because they have been hurt by their mom or maybe a woman that they were romantically involved with, they’ll eventually grow to hate women. Fuck boys also may have daddy issues. They probably grew up in a household where their father was a philanderer. A philanderer is Manwhore who has less than no regard for women and frequently and casually uses them for his sexual pleasure, only to rid himself of them once their “duty” for him is done. Although usually men, women can also be the perpetrators in this act of idiocy.

Fuck boys are very disrespectful in relationships they’re never upfront, honest and tend to lead women on. A fuck boy never takes accountability for their actions, and rather blame it on their exes, Have you ever heard a guy talk so bad about his ex, blame her for everything (he calls her crazy or insecure for the reasons that they broke up). They never stop and think about what they did to make a woman crazy or feel insecure. It’s no way in hell a woman is going to act insecure or crazy for no reason at all and if she does then she may have a real problem of her own. A fuck boy never admits that he fucked up in the process and gets everyone around him to believe him. Fuck Boys are narcissists, A person with no soul. The only thing bigger than their ego is the void that they demand others to fill. They’re also sociopaths. Sociopaths are people who have little to no conscience. They will lie, cheat, steal and manipulate others for their benefit. They know exactly what they’re doing, they just don’t care because they been hurt and it’s their reason for hurting others and also they just don’t think that way. If you are naive enough, they will brainwash you into doing exactly what they say, make you believe that your crazy and this is the only time a sociopath is truly happy. Fucks boys have an agenda to trap you and fuck you up in the process. We as women tend to fall for this type of behavior because we fall in love with the image they’ve created for themselves not who they are, and if that’s not the reason why we fall for them another reason maybe because we have daddy issues of our own. When we have been rejected by our fathers and don’t grow up knowing what its like to be loved by a man, we tend to date guys with the same traits that our father have and expect these fuck boys to love us the way we wanted our father to love us but they never do, they just give us the same love our father gave us and we end up even more hurt or disappointed.

How to get away from a fuck boy

LEAVE HIS ASS! REJECT HIM because you defiantly can’t change him. The only way a fuck boy will change is if they do the work and put in the effort to change and it doesn’t happen overnight, sometimes they also need to go to therapy to tackle their inner demons and the hurt that they try to cover up while damaging others in the process. Hurt people hurt people, you can block hurt without also blocking love and acceptance because it’s connected to your heart and fuck boys fail to realize this. If your dating this type of guy PLEASE LEAVE because he’ll be in your life today and gone tomorrow and off to hurt the next female. As Women, we always try to understand men and give them the benefit of doubt but with a fuck boy, you’ll never understand him, he doesn’t even understand himself.

I write poems, essays and paragraphs about self growth, development, love and discovery.

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